About Me

Hello, my name is Kiley McKay and welcome to my blog. I am an 18-year-old from Los Angeles, California and I am a Freshman Communication major at The University of Southern California. Having grown up in a city so deeply engulfed in media has led me to have had a passion for media from a young age. My father was also involved in the sports media world further exposing me to media and how to present yourself digitally. I have found a specific interest in how digital media can change the landscape of our society and interpersonal relationships. I was on my high school’s debate team which gave me the opportunity to explore communication and compelling ways to format and deliver arguments. On this website, I will be uploading blog posts and multimedia projects that will explore the different aspects of the digital world and society. By the end of this semester, I hope to have a better understanding of how the ever-changing digital landscape shapes our culture and conceptions of news. I am really excited to see what I learn and hope you can learn something from my projects as well!

When I look at news and media I have a few places I automatically go to. I really like CNN for national political news. I also like to look at Buzzfeed News for recent news in entertainment, although the tend to have more of a bias when it comes to politics so i tend to make sure I double check those articles with a different source. I also really like CBS News for an additional view on breaking stories. I tend to rely on the BBC for international news updates. I also do look at the twitter moments page for a quick summary of major news stories around the world.

Some accounts that I follow to stay up to date are the Buzzfeed Politics Twitter account, it gives quick to the point explanations of what is happening in politics at the moment. I am also subscribed to the March For Our Lives email list. That list gives me many updates on what is happening in regards to the fight for common sense gun laws. I also follow Donald Trump on twitter to keep up to date with the things he says publicly. I am also following artists I am interested in on Twitter such as Taylor Swift. I follow her to keep up with her music and when it is being released. Another favorite account of mine is Broadway.com’s website because I want to keep up with things that are happening on Broadway. And they are the main source of information on the shows and actors currently performing.