“Don’t Lose the Streak”: A Study on Media Consumption

My media consumption was somewhat surprising to me. I was aware I spent a lot of time on my phone, but I didn’t realize how that time was dispersed throughout the day. Looking at my media log, you can see what appears to be a significant difference between my smartphone use and my use of other digital media sources. When I calculated my overall usage, I was shocked that I spent 3 hours using my television, 1 hour on my computer and 2 ½ hours on my phone throughout the 24 hours. This result shocked me because I assumed I spent much more time on my phone than I did on any other technology. Looking at my media log you can see how my phone is with me at all times, and I check it quite regularly. Although I never realized it, I typically don’t spend more than a few minutes on my phone at a time.


I spent the majority of my time communicating with my friends on Snapchat or over text. Being in college, it is tough to make time to see your friends in person every day. The easiest way to keep up with them and feel connected despite busy schedules is to text or for more ‘face to face’ communication Snapchat. I did some research on why Snapchat is such a popular and common use of communication for our generation, and they said “Snapchat enables them to get a response right away, as it is basically the same as a text message. One Snap can illicit multiple snapbacks in a matter of minutes” (Chris). They made a point of Snapchat’s instant gratification which I enjoy especially when I am not with my friends. Although, my chart does show I am often with people in person throughout the day, and although that is true I am still in constant virtual communication with others. I was also surprised to see how I don’t check reliable media sources very often. In the 24 hour period that I tracked I did not look at a single media source for current events. I do discuss news with my friends and via twitter but I did not look at a source like CNN or NBC.

As a communication major, it is fascinating to me how I communicate on a daily basis. I do talk in person with people every day whether that is professors, friends, or my CSC desk. But the majority of my more engaged and emotional conversations are via my smartphone. I use technology to talk to friends to keep up with their lives, hear about current events, and keep up with my classes. This is interesting to me because my major is focused on understanding interpersonal communication, but the world is moving further and further away from consistent in-person conversations. Having thought more deeply about it, I have realized I do use my knowledge of interpersonal communication and how the digital media world works in my virtual conversations.

In conclusion, my media log has surprised me slightly and also shown me where my digital media fluency may be lacking. I am consistent when it comes to staying in communication with my friends and family both virtually and in person. I do not spend enough time on actually looking at reliable media sources which hurts my media literacy overall. I have learned a lot from this assignment and am ready to make changes to my daily media consumption to increase my media understanding overall.


Article: http://understandingteenagers.com.au/blog/author/admin/



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